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Born in 1958 in Trinidad to British expatriate parents. Lived in Scotland, England, Cyprus and Sweden, before studying Classics at St. Annes’s College, University of Oxford (1977-81). Worked in financial services in London, England (1982-88). Emigrated with my husband to Canada (1988), and completed my MA and PhD at University of Toronto (1988-95). My thesis comprised an analysis of the work of the ancient geographer Strabo. Moved to Boston, Mass. (2001). Returned to Canada (2005) and since then have split my time between Toronto, Ontario, and Grand Lake, Quebec.

Strabo projects:

1995 onwards. Have written a number of articles on Strabo and related topics. My current focus is on bringing Strabo to a wide audience.

1998 onwards. Set up, and now maintain, a website on Strabo.

2001    Co-organised a conference on Strabo at Bar-Ilan university in Israel.

2005    Co-edited a book on Strabo based on the conference, published by Cambridge University Press, called ‘Strabo’s Cultural Geography.’

Major project (end-date 2015). Translation from ancient Greek into English of a work by the geographer Strabo, in which he describes the ‘world we live in.’ In this context, ‘we’ are the people of Strabo’s own day, i.e., the end of the first century BCE/beginning of the first century CE.   

Educational Qualifications:

(1995) Ph.D. Classics. University of Toronto, Canada.
(1989) M.A. Classics. University of Toronto, Canada.
(1981) B.A. Hons, Literae Humaniores. St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, U.K.