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The following article is now freely available online:

Roller’s Eratosthenes: A Strabonian slant. A review of Duane W. Roller, Eratosthenes Geography, Princeton University Press, 2010





Co-editor (with Daniela Dueck and Hugh Lindsay):

(2005) Strabo’s Cultural Geography. The Making of a Kolossourgia. Cambridge University Press.
Reviewed by William A. Koelsch (2004) in Geographical Review 94.4 (pp. 502-518) (.pdf format)/JSTOR/BL;  Jason König (2007) in JHS 127: 169-171; James. S. Romm (2007) in Classical World/Project Muse; E. Ch. van der Vliet (2008) in Mnemosyne/IngentaConnect.


Papers in edited collections:

(2009) ‘Globalisation and empire: lessons from the ancient world,’ in Strategic Public Diplomacy. Shaping the Future of International Relations, edd. Nabil Ayad and Daryl Copeland, University of Westminster (pp. 35-9).

(2005) ‘The European provinces: Strabo as evidence,’ in Strabo’s Cultural Geography.

(2005) ‘Kolossourgia. A colossal statue of a work,’ in Strabo’s Cultural Geography.


Journal articles:

(2011, forthcoming) ‘When I was young and he was old: the significance of overlap in Strabo’s Geography,’ Phoenix 65.1-2.

(2009) ‘The chambers of the dead and the gates of darkness: a glimmer of criticism in Strabo’s Geography,’ Mnemosyne 62.2 (pp. 206-220)/IngentaConnect.
Strabo makes an indirect comment on events surrounding the Roman aristocrat Licinius Murena who (I argue) supported the Marcellan side within the Caesarian family and was tried for conspiracy at some point within the period July–October 23 BCE, around the time of Marcellus’ death.

(2002) ‘Strabo the Tiberian author: past, present and silence in Strabo’s Geography,’ Mnemosyne 55.4 (pp. 387-438) /IngentaConnect/JSTOR/Cat. Inist.

(1999) ‘Strabo the geographer: his name and its meaning,’ Mnemosyne 52.6 (pp. 691-704)/IngentaConnect/JSTOR/Cat. Inist.

(1997) ‘The expression “our times” in Strabo’s Geography,’ Classical Philology 92.3 (p. 235-246)/JSTOR.

(1995) ‘Strabo, Polybios and the stade,’ Phoenix 49.1 (pp. 49-67) /JSTOR.


Review articles:

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2003.07.08. Review of Strabons Geographika, volume one, edited and translated by S.L. Radt (2002-ongoing).

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2000.09.06. Review of Katherine Clarke’s Between Geography and History: Hellenistic Constructions of the Roman World (1999).


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